Source code for polaris.integrations.toml

from polaris import settings
from polaris.models import Asset

[docs]def get_stellar_toml(): """ .. _SEP-1: .. _`Account Info`: Returns the default info for stellar.toml as a dictionary. Replace this function with another by passing it to :func:`polaris.integrations.register_integrations` like so: :: from myapp.integrations import get_toml_data register_integrations( deposit=DepositIntegration(), withdrawal=WithdrawalIntegration(), toml_func=get_toml_data ) The function you pass to the `toml_func` parameter should return a dictionary containing any of the following top level keys: ``DOCUMENTATION`` - ``CURRENCIES`` - ``PRINCIPALS`` - ``VALIDATORS`` You can also pass other top-level keys defined in the `Account Info`_ section such as ``VERSION``, but many of these keys are pre-populated based on the variables defined in your `.env` file, so this isn't strictly necessary. See SEP-1_ for more information on the stellar.toml format. :return: a dictionary containing the fields defined in SEP-1_ """ return { "CURRENCIES": [ {"code": asset.code, "issuer": settings.STELLAR_ISSUER_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS} for asset in Asset.objects.all().iterator() ] }
registered_toml_func = get_stellar_toml