class polaris.integrations.TransactionForm[source]

Base class for collecting transaction information.

Developers must define subclasses to collect additional information and apply additional validation.

A subclass of this form should be returned by form_for_transaction() once for each interactive flow.

After form validation, the key-value pairs in self.cleaned_data will be passed to the registered fee function to calculate amount_fee for the associated Transaction. If you want a key-value pair passed to the registered fee function but don’t want to display an additional field to the user, add a field with a HiddenInput widget.

The amount field is validated with the clean_amount() function, which ensures the amount is within the bounds for the asset type.

class polaris.integrations.CreditCardForm[source]

A generic form for collecting credit or debit card information.

Ensures card_number is valid, but does not validate the expiration or cvv. Subclass this form for additional validation.